Rubh an Dunain, Isle of Skye

Do you want to see waterfalls, spectacular cliffs, seals and Viking canal? Then Rubh an Dunain is ideal destination for your hike.

The journey starts at the car park at the end of the Loch Brittle. It’s not populated area behind Cuillin mountains.

You walk around the camp side and get the rather boggy path towards the Rubh an Dunain. You will see many waterfalls during your walk and you will have spectacular view of the Isle of Skye landscape.

Closer you are to the destination you will start to see ancient wall, house ruins and other ancient remains visible in the area.
The biggest rewards waits at the very end where you can see a 12th century Viking shipyard (the first picture above). When you climb the rock nearby you will see very old wall and from the spot you might see many seals in a small bay.

I can advise not to take this route in a very bad or foggy weather as cliffs at the second half of the journey can be dangerous and there is no mobile phone coverage either.
You can find the location on the map below.

I can recommend to check out Walk Highlands link below as it provides path coordinates, so you will safely reach the destination.

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