Mobile Photo Guide is a smart travel guide in your pocket. It allows you to create a personalised list of locations you want to see on trip. We currently have Scotland as the first travel destination with more to come soon. Scotland Photo Guide is a Mobile Photo Guide version for Scotland.

The application shows the nearest spots based on your location. You can select favourite spots and create your own list.

All photo spots are available also on the map.

Terms of Use

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Request location privileges are used just to obtain current position in order to serve nearby content.

The application uses usage analytics and measurements in order to improve customer experience and its content. Captured data do not contain personal information with an exception of necessary data needed for a correct application functionality (e.g. IP address transmission).

Handling of obtained data from third party authentication providers is covered in the section Terms of Use of the Third Party Data.

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Terms of Use of the Third Party Data

Facebook and/or Google can be used as an authentication providers. The application obtains e-mail, name (first name, last name) and unique profile ID to identify logged in users.

E-mail will be used only for application-related information, such as account deletion or confirmation.

Name will be used for application personalisation (e.g. "Hi John").

Unique profile ID would be used for an account identification, so we are sure nobody else can impersonate a user.

None of provided values will be provided to a 3rd party, unless it is required for correct run of the application (e.g. hosting provider).